I am a classically trained chef with wholehearted passion for holistic approach to human body and the ways it supports and rebuilds itself. 

I was born and grew up in Asia, in its bright abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs. Plants and amazing diversity of its healing and nourishing properties have always fascinated me. While living, travelling and working in different countries across the world, I`ve always tried to dive deep and learn the ways local people use plants for health benefits. That`s how I started studying Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. 

As much as I love and honour natural medicine, I`m a great believer in science and evidence-based medicine too, and many of my days are spent either doing research for the projects I`m working on or reading research papers to equip my clients with the latest information available. Science is never boring and if combined thoughtfully with medicinal properties of dandelions – works magic :)

Three years ago I started training as a naturopathic nutritionist at College of Naturopathic Medicine and in my final year of studies at the moment. 

Fermentation has always been a huge part of my cultural heritage, I grew up with it, in love with it and delighted to have an opportunity of sharing all I know about the world of gut friendly bacteria  with London Fermentary clients.