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London Fermentary is a fermentation specialist making probiotic food and beverages that are healthy, delicious and beautiful. As well as a line of products, we run workshops and talks and provide business consultation for those looking to start their own commercial production space.

We are very proud to be part of the current exhibition ‘FOOD: Bigger than the Plate’, an exhibition at the V&A museum that looks at current experiments in the food system and ultimately to the future of food. 

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The current trend for fermented food is not new to us. Fermented food is deeply embedded in Elena’s (the Founder and Director of LF) culture, having grown up with this method of preserving the bounty of the seasons out of necessity. 

Elena is fortunate to have a fruit and vegetable business - Puntarelle & Co - that has been supplying South London with some of the best produce available from the UK and the rest of Europe since 2014. To avoid leftover produce from retail going to compost, Elena and her team began experimenting with small batches of seasonal water kefir and lacto-fermented vegetables. The constant positive feedback encouraged Elena to look at producing them under their own brand and so in Spring 2018 London Fermentary was born.

‘Fermentation is thousands of years old, however, fermented food is a big trend right now. But it is not another new supplement, fancy diet or sugary drink! Fermented food is a good food. It feels fantastic that people have so much interest in it, and it’s great to see them discovering new flavours and textures, and learning new skills. Most importantly, it can have huge positive impacts on human health. This ancient/new food is the future!’ Elena, Founder and Director of LF

We produce seasonal Award winning Water Kefir, Vegan Kimchi and Sauerkraut using traditional artisan methods, but also look beyond the staples of fermented foods. Inspired by Elena’s inherited knowledge and natural curiosity, and on-going research by the whole team, we continue to develop new products and take lacto-fermented food to a new level of flavour and complexity. Paying attention to the raw ingredients and looking to spices, wild herbs and adaptogens to create unique combinations that are both nutritious and tasty. Our range includes Japanese style radish with seaweed, our fermented leeks (Luscious Leeks) made with chickpea flour, ‘Ocean Slaw’ with Hispi cabbage and Organic seaweed from the Cornish Seaweed Company and many other products.

We are confident we offer the largest selection of UK produced lacto-fermented products at our premises in Bermondsey. If you would like to visit us outside of retail hours we kindly ask you please email us to book a date. Please note, due to high demand and the being in production Monday-Friday this is subject to availability!