We pay great care and attention to our products quality when it comes to taste, look and health beneficial properties.

Extended range of our Fermented Vegetables, Fermented Condiments and Water Kefirs are available to purchase at our Bermondsey premises

on Saturdays only.  

We are experiencing a huge demand from retailers from all over the world lately. It feels great to know we are doing something right. Thank you!

As much as we would`ve loved to work with many of our potential clients, it is not really possible to supply everyone and keep maintaining those high standards of production we set to ourselves.
With such an artisan products we would have to sacrifice on our production techniques and final quality as a result. For this reason, for the time being we are choosing to keep our production as artisanal as it is and supply only a few clients.

If you wish to express your interest in stocking our ferments in the foreseeable future, please contact us to join our client waiting list and we shall be in touch as soon as we have any more supplying capacity.