Fermentation workshop at LF

Fermentation workshop at LF

Welcome to London Fermentary Educational Centre! We are a hub for both fermentation amateurs and professionals from all across the world who visit us regularly for workshops, trade consultancies and catch-ups. 

A zero waste project that began as our way of diverting produce from the compost at Puntarelle&Co has now grown into an on-site production space in Bermondsey that we are confident in saying makes probiotic food and beverages that are healthy, delicious and beautiful. This space now allows us to share our knowledge with you! 

Gut health is a big thing these days, and it’s only set to get bigger. Growing up with fermented foods, we have always known the important role probiotic foods such as sauerkraut and kefir play in our diet. But we are also still learning ourselves, and with more and more research being done, we are coming to better understand how and why each and every day. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the journey to good health, and where better to join that than with us at London Fermentary! 

 We have been busy planning several events for Autumn and Winter and a wide range of workshops that combine both theory and practice. Each involve their own technical elements as well interactive aspects, allowing for a completely hands on experience and the opportunity to get creative in our production kitchen. Our Head Fermenter Elena Deminska will be running our Water KefirSauerkraut and Water Based Ferments workshops. Elena will also run both dates for the One Day Intensive Fermentation Course with the help of chef Hanne (Butch Salads and Louie Louie) and nutritionist Olga Bonde. With an abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables at this time of year it is the perfect time of year to learn how to ferment and preserve produce for the Winter months. To satisfy your brain, gut AND taste buds, we prepare food and drink for all our workshops. We encourage families and friends to come together as there is nothing better than experiencing new foods and flavours than with loved ones. 

 We are also excited to release two workshop dates with our in house nutritionist and naturopathic doctor in training Olga. As we produce ferments for the public, we feel responsible for any information that comes with it. We are confident that Olga will provide you with the practical knowledge of how to incorporate fermented food and drinks into your diet, provide information on the nutritional properties they hold and offer clarity on how they can promote good gut health and over all health. Find dates here.

 Whether you are a complete beginner when it comes to fermentation, or looking to add to your repertoire of all things funky, London Fermentary is the ideal place to learn something new and exciting. A space that allows for clarity, confidence and creativity, we aim to provide an unforgettable experience and some invaluable kitchen skills for life.  

We also love sharing our knowledge outside of London Fermentary HQ. For any workshop enquiries both in the UK and abroad, please contact

 For any consultancies in commercial production please contact via email  Working closely with a local council, we are developing a production system that brings the Ancient technique of fermentation alongside modern world requirements and would love to help you follow suite!

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