Open Evening September 13th

Open Evening September 13th


Open Evening 13th September 2019

7pm - 9pm

It is a FREE event and places are limited, please book below.

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting an Open Evening on the 13th of September and invite you to join us for what is planned to be feast for the eyes, ears and mouth!

To mark the change in season, the evening will be an opportunity for us to meet new and familiar faces outside of retail hours, and for you to spend an evening behind the scenes at our production space in Bermondsey.

Hosted by Head Fermenter Elena and in house nutritionist Olga Bonde, the evening will be a great way for you to find out a bit more about our upcoming workshops.

In the hope of satisfying your taste buds, gut AND brain, we have been busy experimenting with botanicals and adaptogen herbs in our water kefir. We will be serving some of our favourite flavours of water kefir, including reishi and coffee and maca and oat, as well as sampling other flavour combinations still in development.

Along with a welcome cocktail, we will also be providing canapés made with our krauts and lacto-fermented vegetables. A way to showcase how easy it can be to introduce fermented food into your diet, we will be sharing some of the delicious combinations and recipes we have created using our current range of ferments. 

We look forward to the evening, and to celebrating the beginning of Autumn with you! 

Spaces for the evening are limited, so please book in advance to guarantee your place!