ONE DAY Inspirational Fermentation Course MARCH

ONE DAY Inspirational Fermentation Course MARCH



Wednesday 20th March , 10am- 4pm.

Get excited about fermentation.  Come and join Head Fermenter Elena for an Inspirational Fermentation Day course.  

This is a rare opportunity to learn about the fermentation process in one day.  We are offering this course in response to requests from enthusiastic people who cannot commit to our Inspirational Fermentation Workshop spread over three weeks.  

There is scientific proof the process of fermenting fruit and vegetables enhances their nutritional content. This course is an opportunity to learn the principles of an ancient method of preservation that has been found to be extremely safe whilst enhancing the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables.   

This intensive course is designed to give participants a good understanding of the fermentation process through hands-on learning throughout the day.  You will learn the basics of fermentation and be given support to enable you to create your own ferments from seasonal ingredients in class.  Although the length of the course does not allow for us to develop your ferments together, in the way the three-week course does, we will have examples of ferments at different stages.  By examining these and through discussion, at the end of the day you will have an understanding of how your own ferments should develop.  You will take away Kilner jars of the ferments you create in class to confidently mature them, at home, to your own personal taste.  

  The course will be held on:  Wednesday 20th March 2019 10.00-16.00

Lunch and mid-morning and mid-afternoon hot and cold drinks and snacks will be provided by Hanne Cole.  Hanne is co-creator of Butch Salads catering company and Louie Louie restaurant and will join us to give ideas and inspiration on how to use and enjoy fermented foods in everyday cooking.  

We will also be joined by Naturopath & Nutritionist, Olga Bonde, for deeper insights into how fermented foods are beneficial for our bodies.

Please note: at the end of the day you will have at least 3 x 1 litre Kilner jars filled with your ferment creations to take home.  If you are travelling from abroad to attend the course, you will not be able to take these as hand–baggage on airlines but they can be placed in a suitcase in the hold.


Course tutor: Elena  (Head Fermenter)

Cost: £240 per person

Group size: Maximum 10 participants

Duration: 6 hours

Course Times: 10am-4pm

Location: London Fermentary Arch No.5, Spa Road, London, SE16 4RP

Nothing.  We will provide everything you need.  

Our fruit and vegetable business, Puntarelle & Co, and our ferments business, London Fermentary, are known for sourcing great quality produce.  This is what we use for our courses.

You will have your own work area equipped with knives, chopping boards, bowls and an apron.

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