Fermented Condiments

Fermented Sauces by LONDON FERMENTARY

Fermented Sauces by LONDON FERMENTARY


Our Fermented Condiments are made in a similar way to our Fermented Vegetables and bring similar health benefits.  Being a raw, unpasteurized product, they are packed with nutrients and vibrant communities of friendly bacteria.  The difference is in their form and texture and the complexities of flavour that can be achieved.  This makes them particularly interesting for us to make.

As our Fermented Vegetables were so well received by our customers, we knew you would appreciate our Fermented Condiments range which are easy to use and add a splash of vibrancy, goodness and deliciousness to everyday dishes. 

We are developing our range of condiments and retail customers can expect to find bottles and jars of, for example:



    In addition to our Wholesale range of sauces below

For our wholesale customers, we can currently offer the following fermented condiments, subject to seasonal variation:

  • Fermented Jalapeno Sauce

  • Fermented Yellow Mellow Sauce

  • Fermented Smoky Red Sauce

  • Fermented Red Beet Sauce

  • Fermented Fiery Suzy Sauce

We recommend you consume your fermented vegetables within two weeks of opening.  Please place the jar straight in the refrigerator when you get home.  Ferments are live products and, once bottled, like to be kept cold.  They could get very emotional and behave badly if left out of the fridge!

Good to Know:

  1. The top layer may discolour. The product may still be eaten.

  2. White mould can develop on the top layer from exposure to air. Discard this layer and the lower layers will be edible.


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