Elena is the Owner and Head Fermenter of London Fermentary. 

Fermented food has always been a huge part of Russian culture and as such a huge part of Elena’s life. A childhood spent watching her parents and grandparents growing, foraging and preserving, and a home filled with jars of kefir and vegetables and barrels packed with sauerkraut, Elena has inherited a know-how of tending and nurturing fermented foods and a love for all things funky.

Elena’s life in London always been surrounded by the fine food industry, artisanal producers, top quality ingredients, fresh wholesale suppliers, growers and importers. Celebrity chefs have also been a part of her fruit and veg journey for the last 2 decades. Elena has been very lucky to have worked at Borough Market for over 15 years -  Iconic foodie paradise!

This invaluable experience and exposure led to her starting her first food venture in South East London, Puntarelle&co. With an incredibly supportive and loyal customer base, the team at Puntarelle are able to supply some of the highest quality produce in London and share their philosophy of seasonality and sustainability with the public.

‘I started to make lacto-fermented products using unsold produce from our Saturday retail trading as part of a ‘No Waste” project several years ago. As my interest in the science, health and microbiology of fermented foods has grown, I have taken my inherited knowledge less for granted and committed to exploring its benefits’.

With a gut feeling (literally!) that there was more to these probiotic foods than being useful and delicious, and a desire to always be learning, Elena has been experimenting with a whole range of adaptogens, herbs and botanicals for years. The production space at London Fermentary now allows Elena to look to the future of fermentation and carry out research with the team to develop new flavour combinations and products.

Join Elena at one of her workshops for a wealth of knowledge, fun and creativity!