Lemon & Dill Kraut pancakes

Lemon & Dill Kraut pancakes

These pancakes have now for some time been a huge hit with our customers at all events we run. They are delicious, packed full with nutrients and really easy to make. Eat them on their own as a snack or top up with hummus/guacamole and vegetable salad for a full size lunch. We say give it a go!

Recipe makes 10 pancakes; Preparation/cook time 25 mins


1 jar of lemon&dill kraut(approx. 450 gr)

2 free range eggs

2 tbsp of rice flour

5-7 sprigs of dill, parsley or chives

Salt, black pepper

Olive, coconut oil or ghee for frying


1.       In a bowl combine eggs, rice flour and kraut(drain any excessive liquid from a jar, do not discard it though, mixed with olive oil it`ll make a great salad dressing)

2.       Mix well, season with a pinch of salt and ground pepper to taste

3.       Drizzle frying pan with oil and shallow fry pancakes until golden brown on each side

4.       Serve warm or cold. Enjoy!

Fermented food – is it really THAT good?

Fermented food – is it really THAT good?