Garlic based ferments

Garlic based ferments

Garlic-based Ferments  Photo ©Puntarelle&Co

Garlic-based Ferments

Photo ©Puntarelle&Co

Garlic-based Ferments

In wintertime cold and flu viruses are prevalent and this seems to be accentuated by our current volatile weather. Our ability to resist these viruses depends on a robust immune system and when it comes to boosting those systems, we believe natural is best. Here at Puntarelle & Co we have what you need in our fresh fruits and vegetables but with scientific studies showing that the nutritional value of vegetables can be enhanced by lactic acid fermentation, you may want to take a look at our lacto-ferments fridge too. The bacteria in fermented foods are considered Probiotics, defined as ‘live micro-organisms in food that confer a health benefit on the host'. Using our inherited knowledge of fermented foods, we have produced a range of fermented foods that our customers have been enjoying during 2017.

Garlic has long been considered to be not only delicious, but also healthy. In recent years many studies have been carried out into its health benefits with promising results from its effect on lowering bad cholesterol and regulating blood pressure to its anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. There are lots of peer-reviewed scientific studies if you want to look into this more. For us, Garlic is an allium that tastes delicious and, we believe, does us good. Here are two raw slow-fermented products we particularly like and which harness the goodness of Garlic. As with all fermented products, they are full of beneficial bacteria, taste tangy and sweet and are easy to digest. An added bonus with Garlic is that the fermentation process removes the odour factor inherent in garlic that puts some people off eating it.

Fermented Garlic

Whole raw cloves of garlic slow-fermented over a 3-month period. The lacto-fermentation process modifies the volatile compounds in garlic that some people find off-putting. The result is tangy and slightly sweet, easy to digest and appealing, even to children.Use the cloves as you would normally use garlic or enjoy it raw – a way you may not have considered before!

Raw Honey infused with Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric

Raw Honey, Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric – all have scientifically proven health benefits in their own right and garlic and honey have long been used as a soothing remedy for coughs and colds. Ginger and turmeric are added to this slow ferment for their flavour and health-boosting properties. We suggest one teaspoon every morning with breakfast (not on an empty stomach) for an immune system booster.

Possible connection between microbiome  and sleep

Possible connection between microbiome and sleep